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Agro based expo in prestigious place which participated by state own enterprises, national and international entrepreneur from all agro business related sector

Since centuries ago, Indonesia has been well-known as a rich agrarian country which came to the idiom of ‘gemah ripah loh jinawi’ in Javanese means ‘the rich, fertile, and prosperous land’ due to its fertile soil and vast unexplored marine sources. Unfortunately, since this past 20 years, the attractively of farmer has been transferred to urban society caused by the large expansion of industrialism in Indonesia since 1997 with the rapid growth of foreign investment especially in the big cities. The strong attraction or metropolitan city has made the great urbanization. In the mind of villagers, working as an industrial labour is more promising for their future than being a farmer in the village. In fact, with high living cost in the city made it contrary, and caused them tempted to do such deviated action and raise more poverty.


With the increase of minimum regional wages, the increase domestic price of petrol equal to international price since not subsidized by government, and the wide open of international investment, currently, Indonesia is not the main target for foreign investment. Therefore, Indonesia has to hold the unprecedented speed of urbanization and should increase the average income in all provinces, in the same time decrease the criminality level in big cities by enforcing the rural society through the fasten of agriculture processing and production growth as what other countries such as China, Vietnam and Thailand have done. Supported Event :
• Symposium • Talkshow
• Competition with regards to agriculture • Business Gathering
• Agrinex TV Circle • Agrinex Update in national media
• Demo • Game & Quiz


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