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Established on February 18, 2002 with brilliant ideas and innovative creations has made us in the front line of countable and respectful Indonesian event organizer companies.
To provide the clients with satisfaction and best quality service, we have always improved the quality of our managements, staffs, hi-tech equipment, and the quality of events which we judge from its scale of contract value, scope of media promotion as we believe, promoting product through qualified event with wide scale publication is very crucial to improve and escalate the company’s image. Basically, consumers prefer the qualified products at affordable price instead of low price but with lower image.
Finally, it will be honored to have your input, critic and support in regard to build the company’s performance and services better in the future...

Presiden director
Ir. Rifda Ammarina, President Director. After Graduated from the Bogor Agricultural University in 1988, she started her career in eligible big companies of Indonesia and entrusted to be Public Relation and Marketing & Communication Manager. Considering that she was capable to run own business, in 1993, she took a big step in business world and established her company deal in electrical engineering and mining that brought her into big success. Through her wide networking and deep understanding of consumer’s demand on products has path her to established PERFORMAX in 2002. Beside those businesses, her daily activities are also filled with social and organization activities such as founder of Yayasan Amanah and Yayasan Peduli Bangsa (YPB). She also member of KADIN, HIPMI, ARDIN, PII, MKI, and ASPERAPI.


Latest Event

  • agri Agrinex Expo 2012
    opening President's visit in 2009 Agrinex